Malaysian PM Visits Baladna Food Industries

December 16, 2019

Malaysia’s Prime Minister, H E Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (centre); H E Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari (second left), Minister of Commerce and Industry; Baladna Chairman Mohammed Moutaz Al Khayyat (right); and Mohammed Badr Al Sada (second right), Vice-Chairman, Baladna, during the visit of Dr. Mahathir.

معالي رئيس وزراء ماليزيا 🇲🇾 الدكتور مهاتير محمد يقوم بزيارة بلدنا للصناعات الغذائية وقد اطلع معاليه على أفضل التكنولوجيا المستخدمة في بلدنا لإنتاج أفضل أنواع الألبان والأجبان. His Excellency Prime Minister of Malaysia 🇲🇾 Mahathir Mohamad has visited Baladna Food Industries. His Excellency was briefed on the best technology used in Baladna to produce the best dairy products. #Baladnaco #Doha #food #qatar2022

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Doha: Malaysia’s Prime Minister, H E Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, and Malaysia’s Economic Affairs Minister H E Mohamed Azmin Ali, visited Baladna Food Industries (BFI), the largest producer of dairy products and beverages in Qatar, and a subsidiary of Baladna.

The Malaysian PM was received by H E Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, Minister of Commerce and Industry, as well as key members of BFI. These included Mohammed Moutaz Al-Khayyat, Chairman; Mohammed Badr Al Sada, Vice-Chairman; Ramez Al-Khayyat, Board Member, and Mohd Nazrul Izam bin Mansor, CEO of FELCRA Berhad and H E Fahad Mohammed Kafoud, Ambassador of Qatar to Malaysia and Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin, Ambassador of Malaysia to Qatar.

Earlier this year, BFI had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with FELCRA Berhad, the government-owned company of Malaysia. According to the MoU, BFI will share their expertise to help FELCRA Berhad build a large-scale dairy project to double Malaysia’s fresh milk production in the next two years. This initiative is in line with Baladna’s expansion plans and Malaysia’s National Food Security program.

During the PM’s visit, he toured the state-of-the-art facilities and held discussions on the strategic plans the flagship brand had put in place for their recent MoU with FELCRA Berhad.

Commenting on the visit, Mohammed Moutaz Al-Khayyat, Chairman of Baladna, said: “We are honored to have H E Dr. Mahathir Mohamad visit Baladna. The recent partnership with Malaysia symbolizes the company’s success. We have invested in the best people, technology, and practices, which has allowed us to gain international recognition, while showcasing Qatar’s resilience and capabilities of expanding its global footprint.”



BFI has begun exporting products to countries around the region including, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and Oman, while eyeing potential markets in Libya, Kuwait, Jordan, Mauritania.

معتز الخياط , #معتزالخياط , #معتز_الخياط
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