Baladna Juice Hits Qatar Markets, Available in 6 Flavors

April 30, 2019

Doha, Qatar – Baladna Food Industries, Qatar’s main producer of fresh milk and dairy, has entered into the fruit juice market. Baladna’s 100% natural fruit juice with no added sugar, color and preservatives are made from natural fruit concentrates. The 6 flavors include Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Fruit Mix, and Tropical Mix. Currently, the juices are available in 1.5 L and 180 ml bottle formats.

Baladna’s entry to the juice sector is considered a significant step towards reaching food-sufficiency. After the blockade, food and beverage supplies were coming from different parts of the world, providing consumers with multiple options, and now with Baladna juice products available in the market, they will have additional options of locally produced products at more competitive prices.

“We have many innovations coming to the Qatar market, especially with regards to juices. We have just started the journey” said Maher Eldaly, Senior Marketing Manager of Baladna.

When asked if the company has plans to reintroduce glass bottles, Maher Eldaly stated that glass bottles are not very easy to handle, and they are also much more expensive than plastic bottles. “We need to be prudent with regards to our customers. Plastic bottles are the best solution available today to cater to the needs and requirements of Qatar, in line with Qatar’s vision. This is a big responsibility that we are trying to fulfill.”

Baladna, a subsidiary of Power International Holding (PIH), was established in 2014 as one of the largest sheep and goat farm in the Middle East. Milk production was ramped-up immediately after the blockade in early June 2017. Within a short span of 20 months, it implemented the first and second phases of its huge expansion. Currently, Baladna produces around 400 tons of fresh milk daily. Most of the Cows were airlifted from North American countries; helping the company grab headlines in the local, regional and international media.


Mr. Moutaz Al Khayyat, Group Chairman of PIH and Baladna said, “We want to establish a solid brand foundation in Qatar and other markets; we are constantly investing in innovation and product diversification.” Similarly, Mr. Ramez Al Khayyat, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of PIH and Baladna believes that diversifying Baladna’s product range is key in supporting Qatar’s goal of self-sufficiency. “We have already achieved 100% self-sufficiency in terms of fresh milk production and have acquired nearly 95% of the market share. Laban and Yogurt products are meeting nearly 51% and 49% of the local market demand, respectively.” Mr. Ramez Al Khayyat said.

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