Soon to Unfold: Baladna’s Phase 3 Factory Opening

March 11, 2019

Baladna opened its doors in Qatar back in March 2014 as a sizeable sheep and goat farm, the largest in the Middle East. In the span of 5 years, Baladna impressively expanded its resources to provide for almost 100% of Qatar’s daily milk requirements and cover the majority Qatar’s dairy needs (excluding milk). At present, Baladna owns 20,000 milking Cows producing more than 300,000 liters of milk daily, with the farms adjoining a Park, a Zoo and a Restaurant – spanning across an immense 2.4 million sqm of land. In retrospect, the journey and growth of Baladna is a remarkable achievement for Baladna Group Chairman, Mr. Moutaz Al Khayyat.

This year will present various projects for Baladna. Already in the pipeline is the soon-to-open factory, as part of Baladna’s Phase 3 expansion. In addition, the hardworking team behind Baladna recently launched the UHT long-life milk in Full Fat and Low Fat in two sizes 1L and 200ml, now available in Supermarkets in Qatar.

معتز الخياط , #معتزالخياط , #معتز_الخياط
Moutaz Al Khayyat, #moutazalkhayyat , #moutaz_al_khayyat