Qatar Cancer Society Celebrates World Cancer Day at Baladna Park

Last February 22, 2019, Qatar joined hands with nations across the globe to raise cancer awareness and work to make it a priority. The World Cancer Day Event was organized by the Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) and was held at Baladna Park.

Baladna, together with prominent companies in Qatar, sponsored the event to aid a greater cause. In return, a plaque of recognition was awarded by QCS Chairman, H.E. Dr. Khalid Bin Jabor Al Thani to Baladna, recognizing Baladna’s contributions and efforts in support of World Cancer Day. The award was received by Power International Holding’s Group Marketing and Communications Director, Mr. Mazen Alsbeti, on behalf of Group Chairman, Mr. Moutaz Al Khayyat and Vice Chairman and Group CEO, Mr. Ramez Al Khayyat.

The event gave priority to disseminate information on how to fight cancer through screening and early detection, healthy eating and physical activity, and to encourage public officials to make cancer issues a top concern in Qatar. Cancer survivors expressed their stories of hope to inspire people living with the disease. Various performances, exhibitions and programs from multicultural groups in Qatar were also showcased.

The World Cancer Day is currently on its first year of a three-year movement called “I am and I will”; an empowering personal commitment that represents the power of individual action taken now to impact the future.

In support of the new campaign, Mr. Ramez Al Khayyat, together with distinguished personalities and professionals in Qatar, made their own personal statement to rally and support the campaign for a greater cause. Watch the video here: https://bit.ly/2EdDb5Y to learn more.

About World Cancer Day: The World Cancer Day is celebrated every 4th of February to support Cancer patients, family members and friends, across different cultures and religions. According to American Cancer Society, an estimated 9.5 million people worldwide were expected to die from cancer in 2018 – about 26,000 cancer deaths a day – and that number is predicted to grow.

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