Power International Holding Receives Digital Transformation Award from Oracle

January 17, 2019 – The Oracle Excellence Awards is a program that recognizes extraordinary customers and partners for exceptional use of Oracle Technologies. In the Digital Transformation space, Oracle has chosen Power International Holding for its innovative use of Cloud Technologies to achieve its business continuity plan. Mr. Maurice A. Ghattas, Mr. Ahmed Zeftawy and Mr. Jassim Abdul Rahman, accepted the esteemed plaque on behalf of Mr. Ramez Al-Khayyat and the entire IT workforce.

Present in the ceremony were the Oracle team from Dubai; Mr. Tareck Abu Fadel, Senior Account Executive; Mr. Puneet Mehta, Senior Regional Manager and Ms. Eda Alp, Senior Account Executive. “The digital strategy for PIH is set in a good place and we are all looking forward to seeing more initiatives and greater partnership in the future” Mr. Puneet explains.

The award received by PIH confirms that the company is in the right track in promoting an innovative work culture, increasing agility, lowering costs and reducing IT complexity. “We are very clear on PIHs direction and we want online and mobile solutions,” says Mr. Maurice. “Our shareholders have been very progressive; we do not work with vendors, but part of our strategy is to work with trusted partners,” he adds.

“The Journey began 5 months back, when we drafted the 3-year IT Strategy for PIH, with digital transformation at its core. We were very clear that any new investment in the future will be on Digital’s 1st Solutions” said Mr. Jasim, Group IT Director.

As the industry matures, so does customer technology adoption and optimization. PIH is proud to have been recognized as a front-runner in embracing digital transformation – a positive drive for the company to achieve more informed business decisions and continuous digital improvement.

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