Baladna farms out 2,275 cows from Canada; Ambassadress of Canada welcomes them home.

2,275 Canadian Dairy Heifers arrived safely at Baladna farm, the final batch of cows imported from London Dairy Farms of Ontario, Canada, last January 12. The homegrown Canadian cows were visited by a prominent figure from their home country, the Canadian Ambassadress to the state of Qatar, Stefanie McCollum.

HE Stefanie McCollum was given the complete tour of Baladna farm, together with the Canadian cow suppliers; London Dairy Farm’s CEO, Katrina Cure and President, Benji Faukner. The expansion of Baladna cow herd has reached Canada, and since last year, the suppliers of Canadian Dairy Heifers have supplied a total of 6,000 healthy cows. The cow breed from Canada is known for their high level of production and good body type. Currently, Baladna houses over 17,000 cows.

The visitors had a hearty lunch at Baladna Restaurant, after which they were given a tour by Baladna’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Kamel Abdallah. Included in the tour was Farm General Manager, Mr. Chris Blakeney, Power International Holding Board Member, Dr. Adnan Steitieh, and Vice Chairman and Group CEO, Mr. Ramez Al-Khayyat.


The embassy of Canada stated that they are proud that Canada has contributed to Qatar achieving self-reliance in the country’s dairy industry. Ms. Stefanie McCollum said that she is thankful for the chance to meet the Canadian cows, “They join many farm beds, gates, and supplies from various companies which are now integrated as part of Qatar’s state of the art dairy industry” she mentioned in her tweet.

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