Popular markets tell the stories of people and heritage

August 27, 2018

The importance of popular markets is not only limited by places where old objects, difficult to find in the country, are sold. They reflect the image of the people and tell stories about the country’s heritage and its secrets in every corner.

“Souq Al-Mubarakiyah” in Kuwait: It is considered the most popular market in Kuwait. Offering various goods of food, accessories and heritage items. It also includes popular cafes and Lounges designed in a traditional way. This market has its charm in Kuwait, it is also an outlet for people with limited income, in addition to being a point of attraction for tourists

“Souq Al Zell” in Riyadh: is the oldest of the popular markets in the city and dates back to 1901. It is considered one of the heritage markets which constitute an important part of the city’s history, It’s a leading site where the handicrafts are represented by robes, carpets, traditional goods and souvenirs.

“Dubai Spice Souq”: One of the oldest markets in Dubai. It has been built for more than 160 years and has been used to sold various spices and natural herbs used for therapeutic purposes. People come to this distinguished market heritage design, in different times of the year, especially before “Id Al-Fitr” and “Id Al-Adha”. As tourists visit it for the memorial gifts heritage items, being one of Dubai’s heritage landmarks.

“Souq Waqif”: turns into a tourist attraction in the Qatari capital and is considered one of the most popular markets in the country. In addition to numerous popular cafes which are points of destination for visitors: families, friends and tourists, searching for a comfortable traditional meeting with its charm, characterized by miscellaneous goods, spices, crafts, incense, perfumes and souvenirs that reflect the history of the country. Founded back to about 250 years. Renovated in 2000, leaving the architectural character of heritage

On the value of the popular markets in the Arab world, including “Souq Waqif” in Qatar, says the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Orabakon Trade and Contracting, Moutaz Al Khayyat: “In different Arab countries, we find those charming markets, which tourists are eager to search for the secrets of the country they visit. “Souq Waqif” in Doha remains a model for such heritage markets which has turned into a tourist attraction.”

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