Fish and seafood: the kitchen pillar of Qatar

August 27, 2018

There are several benefits…
Being a peninsula, Qatar relies primarily on a wide variety of fish and seafood. One of the most famous dishes known in Qatar’s kitchen is “fried fish” which is cooked with “date dipping” that contains many nutritional benefits of iron rich and fast absorption sugars that provide energy to the body, particularly suitable for people who suffer a decline in the rate of sugar. In addition to the richness of calcium and phosphorus, which increases its importance in strengthening bones. It is also rich in fiber, making it resistant to constipation and helps reduce the risk of cancer. An additional benefit of date tolerance is its role in controlling the speed of the heartbeats for its richness in magnesium and in addressing the problem of acidity in the stomach as well as many other benefits.

Fried seafood is also one of the most famous dishes served in several restaurants in Doha, such as “SMAT “, the Gulf Qatari
Restaurant, which serves Qatari cuisine and has a great location on the Doha Corniche.The fried seafood dish is rich in fish and seafood, which has countless benefits such as its richness in omega 3 fatty acids necessary to reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce triglycerides and fight inflammation. It is recommended for pregnant women to promote the healthy growth of the fetus. It also contribute improving mood and reducing the risk of depression.

Qatari cuisine also depends on camel meat, which is low in fat, which makes it the best in the case of diet. Besides, it does not increase the risk of heart disease as other types of meat high in fat.

One of the best known dishes in Qatar is chicken soup with groats, which is considered an important food source, for the variety of nutrients contained in groats. Note that it has a large proportion of fiber, which makes it an optimal treatment of high blood pressure and rates of diabetes and disorders of the digestive system. It also plays an important role in reducing the rate of harmful cholesterol.
Besides, it plays an excellent role in the treatment of serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, enriched with antioxidants, especially colon cancer. It is one of the best foods to get rid of excess weight. Groats also contains folic acid, necessary for the body, especially for the pregnant to ensure the right development of the fetus.

“Qatari cuisine is characterized by its diversity and richness in fish and seafood, with its reliable health benefits, which can be relied on to maintain the health.” said Mr. Moutaz Al Khayyat, chairman of Orabakon Trading and Contracting.

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