Because of its innumerable Benefits

Qatar forerunner in the allocation of an official sports day

Who among us does not realize the importance of sports for health? Notably, its positive impact not only affects physical health, but also mental health. Even more, according to one of the studies, practicing sports regularly seems to have a clear positive impact in facing depression and other mental health problems. Besides, one of the studies published by Harvard University showed that it helps to improve memory, concentration and quality of sleep. This shows that sport can contribute to the release of endorphins hormones, responsible for happiness, which helps to relax and remove tension. On the physical level, the benefits of sport are many. In a study by John Hopkins University, sports appear to have the same effectiveness of some medicine in the treatment of certain heart problems. Obviously, sport is the best solution to adjust the weight, when adhered to a healthy diet. The importance of sports is not only for adults, but also have a positive impact on children, as practicing sports from an early age helps to acquire physical fitness, enhance their self-confidence,  improve their memory and ability to concentrate, provide them with energy, increase their positive impact on their health as a protection against diabetes Type II, obesity and strengthens their immune system…
Recognizing the benefits of sport and its moral and human values, the State of Qatar has decided to attach particular importance to devote the Day of sport in February of each year, starting from the year 2012. All men and women, old and young, enjoying various sports activities on this day, which is a public holiday. Qatar is a pioneer in providing sports fans of all ages and categories from different parts of the country. On the importance of this day, Moutaz Al Khayyat, Board member of urbacon Trading and Contracting said:” On this distinguished sporting day, everyone in Qatar is gathering around one goal that will raise awareness about the importance of sport and the need to adopt it as a lifestyle to take advantage of its countless health benefits.”

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