Watch: Qatar seeks self-sufficiency of milk mid-2018

December 13, 2017

The Qatari company “BALADNA”, specialized in animal production, stated that they are trying to achieve self-sufficiency in milk and dairy products by mid 2018. All this is intended in order to address the effects of the blockade imposed by four Arab States on Qatar since last June 5.

The company seeks to form a herd of cattle, transported by air and sea to the country from Europe and the United States of America in order to produce milk and dairy products sufficient for local demand and that in the farm located in the region of Om El Hawaya North of Doha.

The total demand on fresh milk and dairy products in Qatar is estimated to be around 400 tons daily, which is a production that the company “Baladna” intends to reach by mid 2018.

John DORR, the chief executive officer of the company BALADNA for animal production stated: “Our production will be around 100 tons of milk at the end of January and beginning of February…we will bring around ten thousand more cows, and by June we will produce from 300 to 400 tons of milk and the State of Qatar will achieve self-sufficiency in fresh dairy products”.

The company has brought 3400 cows to Qatar in the beginning of the diplomatic crisis in June, when Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt cut all diplomatic ties with the state of Qatar and closed all ground/land ports and airlines connections with Doha.

The State of Qatar, inhabited by two million and five hundred thousand person, largely depends on importing foodstuffs to meet the needs of the population. Prior to the blockade, the State of Qatar depended in its Dairy Products on Saudi Arabia, however it soon turned to importing them from Turkey and Iran prior to the arrival of the cattle flock to the country.

John DORR affirmed: “We have resources, and with these resources, we started to milk the cows here on July 11, approximately around one month after the blockade”.

The company will bring 6800 other cows from the United States of American by way of sea on February 2018. In the farm located in Om El Hawaya about 50 Kilometers North of Doha, there are automatic milking machines that can milk about 750 cows in an hour.

As for the company BALADNA, Mr. MOUTAZ AL KHAYYAT, Chairman of the board of directors of Power International Holding declared: “Baladna for animal production started its business when it was established in 2014 as we began working with the Awassi sheep breed”.

“Later on we developed the farm to add different breeds of goat, and we got around 80 thousand sheep and goats. Afterward, we started the cows’ phase which was put on track on 2017,” he said.

Original Article published in Arabic on this Al Jazeera net 
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