Mall of Qatar: A Letter Proving that Regional Markets Are Still Strong

December 1, 2016

Written by: CEO of UrbaCon Contracting & Trading, – Mr. Moutaz Al Khayyat.

Attention is now turning towards the Gulf and Qatar in December 2016, towards an important event in Qatar which is the Mall of Qatar opening, known as the “host stadium of Fifa World Cup 2022”, on December 10th with a total cost of 5,4 billion QR.

I have recently declared in press statements published by Al Arabiya and other media, commenting on this event in my capacity as the CEO of UrbaCon Trading & Contracting which is implementing this project, that this mall will be among the biggest malls in the region and the world. It will cover 5, 4 million square feet and contain more than 500 stores. As I disclosed my expectations that the mall is going to host more than 20 million visitors yearly, particularly with the approach of Fifa World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

I would like to deliver two messages in writing concerning this significant event. The first message is that the construction sector is still going well in the Gulf Region and rapidly forward as long as large-scale projects are committing to deliver within specified deadlines. The Gulf Region is also abiding by high standards related to quality and safety. The fact which proves my statement is “The Big 5 2016” show in Dubai City, specialized in the construction market. Some participants emphasized that this market in the Gulf Region is greatly growing, expecting that the growth will increase in the coming period thanks to planning new real estate projects with hundreds of billions of dollars.

I would also want to stress the importance of these standards, since, for example, “DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Doha” recently built by our company, won the award of the “smartest building in Qatar and the Middle East” at the “Honeywell Smart Building Awards 2016” in the Middle East. Evaluating the intelligence of construction in the whole region was based on principal factors: the building should be eco-friendly, safe and productive.

The second message is related to remarkable services that we offer through a huge commercial center to clients whether they are tourists, locals or foreigners. The mall in the Gulf Region became part of people’s daily life, a place for tourism, shopping and relaxation. The key to success of building big shopping centers is manifested in the ability to fulfill the needs of all people in easy and rapid manners and at low costs.
We are currently living in the era of technology; this era is magnificent thanks to the ongoing rapid development which is taking place in numerous fields. There is no doubt that keeping up with developments and satisfying people’s aspirations and daily needs are considered another key to success whether for small or big projects.

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